Dear Players, Parents and Gauteng Fraternity

21 February 2019

The CGJS squash Year is well underway and we have already had our 1st Junior Event. Good luck to those that are participating in the Bloem Open next week. Keep the Gauteng Flag flying high!

As I mentioned in my previous email to you all, as the new committee, we are committed to assisting our future squash champs. Unfortunately, not everyone has the monetary means to let their children participate due to constraints. We, the CGJS committee have thus put together a plan to raise funds this year for this cause.

OUR 1st Fund raising Event will be on the 23rd March so please diarize. Be on the lookout for the full details to follow.

Nick Matthews will also be here over this time!!

Monies raised will be used specifically towards IPT costs. The costs for IPT are high this year as we need to travel to Cape Town, Paarl and George and on average over R7000 per child

We would like to implore parents to donate anything that you feel would assist us in raising funds for this project, (consumables, gifts, sporting products, appliances, or anything you feel would assist in helping us to raise funds). They will be used in our “Lucky draws”, prizes, raffles or for selling on the day e.g. prego rolls, wors rolls, popcorn, slushes, wine, etc. Anything will be appreciated.

The other fundraiser will later in the year (September / October). These events are aimed at the whole family and not just the children. We encourage adult, siblings, friends, participation at these events as they are not squash based.

For any queries assistance or donations please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Angelique Clifton-Parks
Central Gauteng Junior Squash

Dear Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Committee Members,

2019 Welcome Newsletter (Central Gauteng Junior Squash)

We would like to once again welcome you to another year of great squash with Central Gauteng Junior Squash.

We have undergone some changes within the committee and would like to thank all those below who have stepped up to take on positions within the committee. We are also very pleased to announce that Irene Maxton our past Chairperson has agreed to stay on the committee in the IPT portfolio.

Chairperson – Ms Angelique Clifton-Parks – (Marketing, PR and Fund Raising)
Vice Chairperson – Dr Hilton Vergotine – (Governance)
Secretariat & Administration – Vacant 
Treasurer – Mr Desi Ledl
8 x Members & Portfolios (School Representatives, Coaches, Nominated Members & Observer) 
Mr Mike Bester (All Aspects of Squash Development)
Ms Irene Maxton (Inter-Provincial Squash)
Mr Bradd Lodge (All Aspects of School Leagues)
Ms Jennifer Fox (Tournaments & Championships)
Ms Ilze Nel (All Aspects of School Leagues)
Mr Jason Barron (Marketing, PR and Fund Raising)
Ms Linda Shannon (All Aspects of School Leagues)
Ms Cindy Purchase (Non-voting Member)

We are a non-profit organisation and as such do not make a profit from the events we run for the organisation as nearly all funds go into the running of events and junior IPT. Irene gave tirelessly of herself and time for no compensation but unfortunately, we can no longer operate in this manner.

Each committee member has a full time job and is not always available for queries and calls, so we are trying to get a person that we could pay to do the admin work for the committee. It will minimize a lot of the work that each committee member needs to do and also ensures that responsibility for certain requirements on the committee has a person that is accountable. If anyone knows of someone that may fulfill the criteria in the job description attached please feel free to forward to them. The salary is not negotiable at this stage.

Tournaments: Going forward only entries logged onto the online system and payment done prior to the event will be entered into the tournament. No late entries or emailed entries will be accepted under any circumstances. If there are such cases these players will go onto a waiting list in the event that someone withdraws.

Please find the link for CJGS Open taking place on 1-3 February.
To enter in the Central Gauteng Junior Open please click here: click here

We are ensuring that there is a payment portal linked to the online registration. We are hoping to have a help button on the site to assist before you call us. Every player participating in any event in SA should have a Squash SA registration number and this is managed by SA Squash link: click here . Any withdrawals from an event will also forfeit their entry fee unless they withdraw prior to the closing date. The same applies for being present at prize giving. If your child is not at prize giving and they have won a prize they will forfeit their prize. We have to install a commitment to our sponsors of these events.

The most recent tournament calendar is attached but this does change periodically so please ensure you always look at the most recent calendar. The most updated one will also be on our Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Players that feel that they need harder games are more than welcome to enter the older age group but will have to participate in their relevant age group as well (no exceptions). This means that the top U14 player could also play in the U16 event but not only an U16 event. We also encourage them to participate in senior events as this gives them great experience and there are many different sections in these tournaments.

 Inter Provincial Tournaments:
Central Gauteng Squash annually sends teams to the various IPT’s around the country – venues for 2019 are below. This is a costly experience and would like to start fund raising early in the year. We are planning to have annual events in March and August/ Sept. If your child is in the top of their age group please start preparing for a cost of between R6000 to R8000 per child depending on the venue.

If anyone can assist in any way with any kind of donations for the fund raising please contact Angelique on or 082 372-1265. It can be donations of any kind and we can see how it is used.

Squash High Performance Academy:
We are setting this up and hope to start in February.Your child will be invited to participate and we are looking at running this over a number of months so that we can ensure that the players get maximum benefit from the experience and it is not just a 2 day squash camp. We will need commitment from the players and there will be regular assessment criteria that individuals will need to do. These sessions will not replace coaching and we would like to work closely on your child’s goals and assessments with their relevant coaches.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Angelique Clifton-Parks
Central Gauteng Junior Squash
Contact: 082 372-1265